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Safe OUT. Modular fences systems for outdoor.

SAFE OUT has been considered one of the excellent brand among modular fences systems for outdoor.
SAFE OUT is suitable to every perimetric needs: industrial, residential, sports or for renewable energy.

Among SAFE OUT range of products you can find three different panels, characterized by horizontal folds for reinforcement.

Panels are realized using pre-galvanized wire Ø 4,5 mm and then painted by an epoxy powder coating for outdoor.

Each rods of the panel is smoothed over the heads before being welded, this to allow greater adhesion and homogeneity of the paint as well as to avoid cutting burrs that could be a danger to the touch.



All the panels have a standard length of 2045 mm and they can be produced in 10 different heights:

H 630, 830, 960, 1230 - 2 folds
H 960, 1150, 1530 - 3 folds
H 1720, 2030, 2430 - 4 folds

SAFE OUT produces three different models of panels, according to applicatory needs, without renounce to the quality:

SAFE SPACE with mesh 60x200 mm
SAFE FOTO with mesh 120x200 mm
SAFE AIR with mesh 60x100 mm


Each panels is added to a pre-galvanized upright 50x50x2 mm and then painted by an epoxy powder coating for outdoor.
Uprights of SAFE OUT range of products can be realized in two different types: to cement-in or to dowel.

All the uprights SAFE OUT can be pre-perforate and linked to mounting KIT A consisting of screws and blocks of Nylon, or without holes and linked to KIT B consisting of metal fastening clamps and screw-locking.


La gamma di prodotti SAFE OUT è completa di cancelli pedonali e carrai con lo stesso motivo di tamponamento della recinzione.

Sono inoltre disponibili cancelli a misura o scorrevoli in base alla specifica richiesta del cliente.

For each needs

Filsystem, thanks to its experience in the fences business field, was able to study particular solutions so to develop the most suitable fittings to answer to each needs. Examples of this are:

SAFE FOOT for high resistance mounting and practicality;

SAFE CREW for mounting in the ground without the use of cement.
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