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FILCAGES. Filter bag cages for the industrial filtration.

FILCAGES is the brand used by FilSystem to identify the study, design and carrying out of Filter bag cages for the industrial filtration.

FilSystem’s filter cages are located in baghouse filters with the purpose to give a contribution for dust filtration in the industrial places so to reduce the emissions to the outside. Filter cages are produced only under customer’s specifications.
FilSystem can create cages with round, elliptical, square, rectangular, rhomboidal and star-shaped section.
Diameters can vary from 50mm to 300mm with length up to 10mt, and they can be realized in one part or more than one part.
To manufacture filter cages FilSystem uses different materials such as rough steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or Corten-A and all can also be painted, so to ensure the most suitable finishing for the end use. In such a way the efficiency and the cleaning power of the filter will be improved and the durability of the equipment will be extended.

Filter cages can be supplied with end cap, collar and Venturi depending on customer’s requests and specifications.
FilSystem uses only high quality material to ensure a reliable and precise product, suitable even for the most modern air filtration and cleaning equipment.

Filter cages in the standard version have a round section, they can be produced with a different number of vertical wires 6-8-10-12-16-20-24 depending on customer’s needs.



Collars are used to realize the higher part of the cage.

End caps

End caps are used to realize the lower part of the cage.


FilSystem’s Venturis for round section FILCAGES are used upon a specific exigency of the equipment with the aim to increase the speed of air emission thanks to the homonymous principle.


FilSystem is able to produce different sections for its filter cages (rhomboidal, octagonal, star-like, oval and round).
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